John Stanley Pritchard, Jr. (born January 13, 1961 in New York City) is an award-winning film director, international multimedia artist, educator, and publisher. He founded Pritchard Digital Arts (online video/web production) in 2001 and Eternal Ways (multimedia publishing house) in 2010. He has been a filmmaker, creative director, and musician for over 30 years. His 2017 online art exhibition can be seen at

On July 16, 2017, Pritchard's ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT film won Best Indigenous Documentary at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in Australia where it had its International Premiere. A world tour of the movie will take place at colleges and universities during 2018 and 2019. In January 2017, the movie was transformed into a video-enhanced learning course at iTunes University and is available in the Indigenous Studies section: Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom (requires the iTunes U app). A free PDF download is available at HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD. In 2016, Pritchard launched the ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT Project which is a 501c3 educational organization, promoting the universal message of his ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT movie: "Be humane. We are all connected. We are one human family." The movie features Australian cinema legend, Jack Thompson, and Native American performing artist, Kenneth Little Hawk. It was filmed on location at the Aboriginal Garma Festival in northern Australia.

Pritchard also released an album of healing music for meditation and stress reductiion in 2016. The hour long Symphony of Heaven album delivers a multi-dimensional orchestral presence with beautiful harmonies that uplift the soul. Pritchard has produced a simple listening experience that will help any listener reduce stress, achieve a clearer mind, ignite their creativity, release tension and anxiety, and develop greater self-awareness and self-confidence.

In 2015, Pritchard’s improvisational band, VyZ, released FREEDOM, their fourth album featuring Miles Davis keyboard alum, Adam Holzman, and in 2016 released the 60 minute “new media art” movie, SEE THE MUSIC, that presents each track of the FREEDOM album in perfect visual synchronicity with the music. Pritchard also created a SEE THE MUSIC photo book and online art gallery featuring still images from the movie. Read the Feb. 1, 2017 article about SEE THE MUSIC at Audiophile Review.

In 2012, Pritchard directed and published the innovative online jazz training program, FREDDY'S GUIDE TO CREATIVE IMPROVISATION, with Berklee music professor and Grammy Award winning musician Fred Lipsius of Blood, Sweat and Tears. FREDDY'S GUIDE TO CREATIVE IMPROVISATION is like having your own private jazz instructor on-demand.

In 2011, Pritchard developed a proprietary Movie-in-a-Book™ process to create a companion book to expand upon the educational content of his 2010 REAWAKEN movie. In 2012, he published SOULSCAPES - Imagination: Soul's Bridge to Spirit by the amazingly creative author/artist, Ron Mercier. SOULSCAPES features over 90 minutes of video embedded within the iBook. Pritchard's newest Movie-in-a-Book™ is the 2017 HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD Guidebook to Indigenous Wisdom featuring the ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT movie.

Since 2001, Pritchard Digital Arts has worked with prominent clients such as The New York Times, Sony, Williams College, and international NYC art dealer, Jack Shainman (filming many of his world-renowned contemporary artists at the Jack Shainman Gallery).

After launching in 2010, Pritchard’s multimedia publishing business, Eternal Ways, has produced educational movies such as ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT and REAWAKEN, multimedia books such as SOULSCAPES and HELP CREATE A KINDER WORLD for the iPad, Kindle and print, and music such as FREEDOM and SYMPHONY OF HEAVEN on iTunes, Amazon, and Google.

NEW YORK CITY YEARS (1987-1997) AND BOSTON (1997-2000)

Before launching his two companies and the ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT Project, Pritchard worked with Fortune 500 firms in New York City as a multimedia consultant from 1987-1997. In 1987, he created the world's first interactive guide to New York City called “The Big Apple” which telephone giant NYNEX installed as a touch screen kiosk in the newly opened Javits Convention Center.

In 1991, Pritchard was recruited by the George Lucas Educational Foundation to move out to San Francisco and head up the new interactive multimedia division that became “Edutopia.” Although tempted to work with the great George Lucas, Pritchard opted to stay in NYC and in 1993 won the McGraw-Hill $100,000 New Media Design Contest, besting IBM, Sony, and Apple. His winning contest entry featured professors from NYU and Hunter college presenting multimedia software Pritchard had developed for the interactive classroom of the future. His work for Microsoft on The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright CD-ROM in 1995 and the Scientific American CD-ROM, THE PLANETS: The Ultimate Guide to the Solar System in 1994, was groundbreaking with the incorporation of digital video and animated walkthroughs.

In 1995, Pritchard shifted his multimedia work to the World Wide Web and in 1997 was hired as a Creative Director by Internet giant CMGi in Boston. With $3.5 million CMGi shares he helped launch the legendary website where he won awards for a John Lennon online video project and cutting edge interactive, auto-web page building for filmmakers and musicians. As the fate of the Internet would have it, the big CMGi stock payday was never realized due to the dot com crash in 2000.


Born in New York City on January 13, 1961, Pritchard was highly creative in his formative years as an artist, drummer, pianist and filmmaker. By the age of 11, he had also learned to speak Spanish fluently while living in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 1969-72. He continued to develop his creative skills from 1972-77 in Maplewood, NJ and was captain of both the freshman football and baseball teams. He finished his junior and senior year at Mt. Greylock High School in Williamstown, MA serving as co-President of his senior class and won an outstanding musicianship award for drumming at the State Jazz Band finals hosted by Berklee College of Music. After four years of an extraordinary liberal arts education, Pritchard graduated from St. Lawrence University as a Dean’s List student and Fine Arts major focusing on filmmaking (1979–83). In 1983 he was awarded a grant by the Jeanne Scribner Cashin Endowment for Fine Arts to film in mainland China right as China opened its doors to western tourism.

While working on a Masters degree in Education, Pritchard worked with Native American high school students as the Assistant Director of the Upward Bound (UB) program at St. Lawrence University (1984-87). It was with the UB program that Pritchard learned first hand about the Mohawk culture on the Akwesasne Reservation in upstate New York. While Assistant Director, he also learned how to use the revolutionary Macintosh computer to write a $1.2 million educational grant which successfully funded a multimedia Creative Resource Center that required every student to be creative for at least one hour per day. An official Art Exhibition at the St. Lawrence University Brush Art Gallery raised student self-esteem by presenting their work to parents, teachers, and administrators at the end of each six week summer program.

In 1987, Pritchard made a career change from education to corporate computing and moved to New York City to work with management consulting giant Booz-Allen. In less than a year, he left Booz-Allen and began working for Apple as a multimedia consultant and, in 1988, launched one of the world’s first interactive agencies, Applied Imagination.

In addition to his two multimedia companies and the ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT Project, Pritchard is co-founder of with Miles Davis keyboard alum, Adam Holzman.

Pritchard currently lives and works out of a reconstructed barnhouse in the beautiful Berkshire mountain valley of Williamstown, Massachusetts.


Online/Digital Learning
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Online Art Gallery
• 2017: ‘’SEE THE MUSIC Exhibition’’. Williamstown, MA: John Stanley Pritchard




One Heart - One Spirit is a fine documentary about a fundamental truth too easily forgotten.

January 2, 2017 - IMDb Film Review

One Heart, One Spirit is an awesome film, exploring the spirit of some awe-inspiring people! Their ancient message of unity and compassion is one whose time has truly come! The film makers and Kenneth Little Hawk do an excellent job of creating a truly global story with truly world-wide implications.

Little Hawk, the renowned Native American story-teller is the ever present glue to the film. He is the "cultural ambassador", whose genuine and warm spirit, effortlessly demonstrates how much more similar we all are than different, regardless of where on the globe we happen to be from. He is the welcoming, good-hearted, bridge between worlds that makes you want to believe that we are all truly, one.

Watch this film, if you dare to walk away feeling less cynical and more connected.

—Perry Vayo, Academy Award-winning screenwriter/Media Producer

One Heart - One Spirit shows us the harmony we need to ward off an apocalyptic future

December 10, 2016 - Indigenous Film Reviews

ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT shows us the need to discover the threads and emotions that bind different cultures together, the harmony we need to ward off an apocalyptic future. Underneath the unnatural boundaries societies have created to mark their ways, their means, their lands, lies nations peopled by individuals who should seek the togetherness understood by the first nations. One Heart explores these themes by documenting the journey of Little Hawk, a Native North American, to the renowned Garma festival, Australia’s most significant Indigenous event, and a model for self-determination, reconciliation, Indigenous knowledge sharing, transfer and exchange.

—David Greenberg, Director of Marketing, MusicWorks International




FREEDOM - April 2015
VyZ - ImproVyZed Music for Movies

NEW Album by VyZ featuring Miles Davis keyboard alum, Adam Holzman, with Charlie Tokarz on sax and flute, Rich Damone on bass, and John Pritchard on drums, keyboards and visuals.

"New music from VyZ. A great band focused on almost pure spontaneous improvisation - very much in a Miles Davis Bitches Brew style. It's great to hear musicians listening to each other so closely and proving that one band can sound like one mind." —Rick Calic, Jazz Rock World

Click here to Preview and Purchase from iTunes







VyZ: Visualizing the Joy of Improvisation

February 1, 2017 - Audiophile Review

The concept behind VyZ is that they make music together in the moment and then create impressionistic films that reflect the mood and spirit of the music.

To support the band’s latest release, Freedom: See The Music, Pritchard recently opened a virtual art gallery , displaying and offering some of the beautiful and phantasmagorical art prints created out of the improvs on their new album (which, by the way, is also available for streaming or on DVD). Its really fun stuff that I think some of you Dear Readers of might enjoy.

The visuals revolve around computerized visualizer technology called Aeon by SoundSpectrum. Indeed, the pulsing, shape-shifting modern psychedelic images seem to dance in perfect synergy with the music, which is no small feat given that what they are playing is largely free form, jazz type music. The visuals have been augmented with really cool snippet imagery from nature, everything from worker ants clamoring out of their nests to Rams bucking horns to people dancing. Somehow, the images complement the wordless music to deliver a higher message.

“My purpose for creating art is to surprise and inspire both the viewer and myself,” said Pritchard in a statement from the band’s website. “I constantly improvise and experiment with visual-musical form, motion, light and energy. This originates from my deep love for fusing music into art.”

Thus…VyZ’s tagline: “See The Music!”

So, what IS the music like, you ask?

Well, it is a series of improvised, free form jams which traverse a variety of styles and forms. For example, there are spacey explorations not unlike The Grateful Dead’s “Dark Star,” a piece which develops a theme which allows the band to drive on from there into the stratosphere. There are other jams that are a bit more rhythmic and groove oriented in the vein of cross over jazz/jam band Medeski, Martin and Wood or perhaps some recordings by another Miles Davis alum, John Scofield.

I’ll put it this way: if you like some of the more exploratory modern jazz albums released by the legendary European label ECM, you may well dig VyZ.

—Mark Smotroff, Read full article at

Freeing Improvisation

May 19, 2015 - Adam Moore Music

"I’ve recently been reading about Mindfullness, or paying attention with purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgementally. With reference to sounds, mindfulness is greeting sounds without attaching meaning and to simply experience them as they are, as sonic events with their own qualities.

I attended to the sonic event that is Vyz’s Freedom album as one uncertainly returning to free improvisation, not having attempted to listen through such music since my postgraduate days over ten years ago. Too soon I began hunting for points of reference, attaching meanings and seeking anything around which to orient my experience. Was that Miles’ In a Silent Way? Is this section King Crimson improvising in the early 2000s, as something Mellotron-like swirled by in-between electronic beats, bleeps and whirring? Even sounds from Orbital’s In Sides album assailed me, such that I had to go listen to a few tracks from that record before returning to this one.

As I listened more I began to drop some of these expectations and comparisons and, instead, hear what was there – the sounds and their interconnections. As VyZ put it, this music is “just the pure, uninhibited sound created on the spot...”, and that’s what I take for this great record, the drive to listen freely, to listen mindfully and escape the expectations set up by sounds I know. Highlights for me included the gentle groove of The Climb and Rich Damone’s seemingly backward bass lines; Charlie Tokarz’ harmonised sax on the opening title track; John Pritchard’s electronic groves slicing through the nebulous space of Land Ho; and, throughout, Adam Holzman’s enveloping harmonic voice.

Hearing Orbital, Miles, John Zorn, Pink Floyd, Keith Jarrett, King Crimson and a million other things is what I brought to the music and VyZ helped me to hear beyond this, to listen with greater clarity and divested of some measure of expectation.

To write a review of VyZ’s music as an insider- a Free Improv aficionado- would be meaningless and, I hope, immediately exposed as a man talking nonsense. Maybe my perspective will make you go out and pick up VyZ’s Freedom for yourself. Better to call it ‘freeing improvisation’."

5 Stars

—Adam Moore, Guitarist, Swung by Seraphim

Freedom Quotes

"Totally Improvised music can sometimes sound forced, unfocused and wandering. These musicians have broken that mold and created an album that sounds modern and fresh. Each track has it’s own distinct vibe with new and interesting sounds.. The vibe based improvisations have elements of free jazz, contemporary classical and electronica that work together creating a truly eclectic sound. If you’re into music with irony and surprise, this is one album to add to your collection!"
—Jane Getter - Guitarist, Saturday Night Live Band alum

"New music from VyZ. A great band focused on almost pure spontaneous improvisation - very much in a Miles Davis Bitches Brew style. It's great to hear musicians listening to each other so closely and proving that one band can sound like one mind."
—Rick Calic, Jazz Rock World






Composed and Performed by
ADAM HOLZMAN & JOHN PRITCHARD - featuring Jane Getter on guitar

REAWAKEN THEME (6:04) - Listen to MP3

RESONATE (6:43) - Listen to MP3









Begin Your Spiritual Quest

12/5/2011 - M. J. Milne

REAWAKEN is an inspiring film; thoughtfully produced and directed by filmmaker and author John Pritchard. Informative and a delight to watch, Pritchard has tapped into his own genius to create this project. I especially value the words of those interviewed and also the meditation exercise.

The film REAWAKEN has the potential to wake us up---especially to reawaken our faith in our creative genius. Along with quotes from great thinkers, the film gently leads us to expand our minds and recognize our own genius and, thus, love of self and others, which is possibily our goal if we want the planet to evolve in consciousness. Love is, after all, the soul of genius.

This film is also an asset to the Conscious Evolution movement now breaking ground thanks to Barbara Marx Hubbard, Gregg Braden, and others. In the coming year our lives will accelerate and change dramatically. As I teach in my book, it's time we trust our inner guidance and, thus, know how to tap into Source or Soul.

Pritchard gives us a meditation to try. If you go within and listen meditatively, denying any mind thoughts to enter, it allows your heart to open to higher Source. The simple exercise gives us an important breathing space in order to validate our relationship with our higher self.

A wonderful film to once again begin your spiritual quest.

—M. J. Milne, author of 12 Golden Keys for a New World


"What a beautiful movie... what a gift & what a multi-faceted message of life's MOST important components!" Janie Wilhoit, Georgia

"REAWAKEN, carries a vital message to all of us, and especially in this day and age. Great film!" Asaf Sirkus, London - England

"I LOVE your movie!!!" Brad Szollose - New York

"It appears that the meek shall but inherit the earth...Great film." Hemi J. Rose - Melbourne, Australia

"The movie is great and a great idea to communicate. The soul of genius!" Toby Ballantine - Florida

'Watching Reawaken really made me think. A truly inspirational movie with a positive uplifting message!' Tassos Spiliotopoulos - London, England

"I think this film will help a LOT of people!! It helped me just now! It reminded me about things I needed to hear." Todd Howard - Los Angeles

"Loved it from start to finish." Mary K. Michel - Florida

"This film is a gift to those that are ready for growth or an awakening in life! I will definitely recommend it to all the people I care about and beyond." Danny Concepcion - Missouri

"BRAVO!!! Great film. It's intelligent, thought provoking and pulls on the heartstrings." JoJo LaRiccia - Massachusetts

"A comprehensive piece of work… giving us insight and the chance to reflect on who we are and who we can be." John Gigantelli - New York

"Such a simple yet elegant message. Laughter, Creativity, Intuition… these are the qualities that make us humans unique, so it is important to dedicate time to focus on them and foster them to their true potential. I especially enjoyed the nature shots in the Creativity section. The music of course was excellent." Shane Woodall - California

"First of all, I LOVE the title!! And then to see how you created the segments to connect to people at all different levels, it was all great!! And I LOVE that it's all about LOVE!! I loved the spiritual exercise with the waterfall!! The photography was stunning, and all the comments from the people were wonderful!" Dianne Kleber - Arizona

"The visuals and directing were flawless. It is good to make the statement that we are one tribe." Martin Kimeldorf - Washington

"This movie is amazing because it helps me understand that we're all connected and that love is the most important gift that GOD wants us to share with each other." Isla Chevalier - Massachusetts







Paul Shaffer, Musical Director of the Late Show with David Letterman, calls Freddy’s Guide to Creative Improvisation “An eminently usable reference from a brilliant cat!”

“This is one of, if not, the most comprehensive book on improvisation that I have yet encountered. The student (or professional) is led systematically into getting beyond the rote learning of patterns and cliches, into understanding the spontaneity and creativity that is true jazz improvisation.” Randy Brecker (played trumpet with The Brecker Brothers, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Steely Dan, Charles Mingus, Bruce Springsteen, Frank Zappa and many more)

Eddie Gomez, bassist for Miles Davis, Bill Evans, Dizzy Gillespie, Benny Goodman, and Herbie Hancock says, “Fred Lipsius has written a clear and comprehensive study on the art of improvisation.”

SAXSHED REVIEW by Skip Spratt - March 21, 2012

Saxophonist Fred Lipsius has recently produced a new website catering to jazz saxophonists and improvisers alike. The innovative and comprehensive site called Freddy’s Guide to Creative Improvisation offers players of all levels an interactive series of lessons for a modest subscription fee.

Many may know Fred Lipsius as the original saxophonist, arranger and conductor with Blood, Sweat & Tears (1967-71). While with BS&T he earned several Gold Records as well as two Grammy Awards for his arrangements with the band. In addition to his official accolades, many jazz historians credit him as being a pioneer of jazz-rock saxophone.

In the years since Blood Sweat and Tears, Fred Lipsius has performed with Simon and Garfunkel and a host of name jazz artists such as Cannonball Adderley, Thelonious Monk and Zoot Sims. Originally from New York City, Fred resides in Boston where he is an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music.

I have known Fred Lipsius for the past few years to be a highly creative person involved with his digital art as well as other more spiritual and improvisational recordings. Freddy’s Guide to Creative Improvisation showcases his personable approach coupled with his knowledge of theory and the creative mind.

The initial membership to the site includes a 188 page, downloadable book in .pdf format. Options are available for hard copies of these and other publications as well. The online instruction is divided into three main sections; Licks, Blues Scales and Improvising and Composing Techniques. Each of the topics is subdivided into smaller units and accompanying videos.

Although Fred Lipsius is primarily a saxophone player, several video examples are presented on piano and the method is suitable for use with any instrument. The complete course of study can be completed at your own pace and represents what may be semesters or years of practice to digest.

Kudos to Fred Lipsius for developing and presenting this inventive method for jazz improvisation. Freddy’s Guide to Creative Improvisation offers soloists a wealth of information to learn and apply to their own playing – for years to come!

FREDDY'S GUIDE REVIEW by David Valdez - April 5, 2012

There have been a ton on new multimedia Jazz educational products coming out lately. It seems that the Jazz world is really starting to take full advantage of the digital age, better late than never I guess. Some of these products are online video lessons, some are play-along CDs, and some are full interactive multimedia DVDs.

One of my teachers when I was at Berklee who was a big influence on me was Fred Lipsius. I posted an interview with Lipsius a while back. I took several ensembles with Fred, so I didn't get a lot of material directly from him other than getting to listen to him play, which was inspiring in itself. I really got to understand his concepts through studying his books. In 1986 Warner Brother's published an incredible book that Lipsius wrote called The Complete Book on Creative Improvisation. That book was a goldmine of material for me and shaped the way I thought about Jazz improvisation to this date. It was was worthy of being called 'the Complete book' because is covered so much ground. It had a ton of great musical phrase and licks in every key and for chord type and then it went in to great depth on how to manipulate, develop, and apply these licks to all different types of musical situations. Lipsius really presented a high flexible and creative alternative to the typical rote memorization approach that is too common in Jazz education. The licks in the book were all super hip, but the important thing was to see how to take any existing musical idea and apply it in numerous ways over different harmonic situations.

Lipsius' Complete Book on Creative Improvisation went out of print shortly after it was first published and after loaning my copy out I was never able to get my hands on another one, though I saw a few on Amazon for upwards of $100. I was quite excited to hear that Fred had released it again himself, this time is in full multimedia format. There are hundreds of videos online on 3 DVDs that feature Lipsius playing individual musical ideas, talking about what he was thinking about when he came up with them and how to apply each one. You can also now buy a hard copy of Lipsius' book for $19.95.






- Berkshire Eagle, April 29, 2012

WILLIAMSTOWN -- With Kindles and iPads rapidly replacing paperbacks and magazines, it's clear that technological change is afoot in the world of publishing. John Pritchard, the creative force behind his multimedia publishing company Eternal Ways, sees this change as both inevitable and exciting.

"The publishing business is going through a renaissance." says Pritchard, 51, who keeps an eye on the industry's giants while cultivating his two-year-old boutique business. "Very serious companies such as Random House and Scholastic have recently converted thousands of books, big chunks of their libraries, to be compatible with the iPad and Kindle. This is rapidly becoming a billion-dollar business."

Pritchard's observations are supported by industry data. A report released by the Association of Ameri can Publishers last month revealed that e-book sales rose 117 percent in the past year, with over a third of print publishers now offering catalogs in formats geared toward e-book readers.

Distributing giants like Amazon are leading the sales pack in terms of market share, but the low overhead and direct-to-consumer nature of the business allows for newcomers like Eternal Ways to jump right into a swiftly expanding market.

"The goal is to develop multimedia properties for the iPad and Kindle, as well as the Web itself because anybody who has a browser can then access it." says Pritchard. "I have projected for exponential growth of my business over the next three years because of this focus on e-books with video."

His young business currently offers three titles, each an example of Pritchard's novel approach to tech-savvy publishing. "Reawaken," an experimental documentary narrated by Native American storyteller Kenneth Little Hawk, is available to watch free online or to purchase as a DVD. The project will be released as a movie-in-a-book for the iPad in May.

A second title, "The Common Thread that Binds Us," is a book of stories and insights provided by Little Hawk, also accompanied by a collection of videos hosted online.

"Freddy's Guide to Creative Im provisation," perhaps Eternal Ways' most unorthodox publication, illustrates the company's ingenuity and range of focus. This interactive music lesson, hosted by Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Fred Lipsius of the band Blood, Sweat & Tears, is available as an online video-training program, a printed book, and a three DVD set. All, of course, are directed by Pritchard. READ FULL ARTICLE




The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras

All 13 tracks from the Star Cycles movie are available on CD and also in surround sound on DVD with Visual Music created with G-Force by SoundSpectrum.

Click here to Preview and Purchase



"Star Cycles is the brainchild of noted filmmaker and founder John Pritchard, the disc also features original music by his multimedia band, "VyZ," who are joined by fusion luminary and ex-Miles Davis keyboardist Adam Holzman. Star Cycles offers swirling, psychedelic images that ebb and flow in full synchronicity with the music. Eno-esque ambient voyages, acoustic jazz- driven explorations and buoyant fusion escapades form the core of the DVD’s soundtrack." - Anil Prasad, June 7, 2006,


Time Travel with the sacred science of Pythagoras, 2500 years and back to the present, emerging in a multimedia film in a 21st century cauldron.

John Pritchard, an award-winning multimedia designer/filmmaker/musician, is taking the concept of multimedia art to a new realm with his latest project, “Star Cycles – The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras,” a musical, educational and interactive DVD. “Star Cycles” unravels musical, mathematical and mystical concepts introduced by the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, more than 2,500 years ago. Snowballing off the successful release of “Novus” (2004), a film about the electromagnetic scientist Nikola Tesla, Pritchard rode the momentum into this project. Alongside bandmates Rich Damone (bassist) and Charlie Tokarz (flute/saxophonist), he set out to illustrate concrete and abstract concepts by creating a story that followed a musical narrative. The result: an entrancing production filled with psychedelic images that blend and dance with musical reverie. READ FULL ARTICLE


"Star Cycles is a spectacular DVD of visual and sonic improvisations...Spellbinding."
—Rick Calic,

The STAR CYCLES DVD Soundtrack was created using G-FORCE by Soundspectrum, Inc. which features geometrical animations synchronized to the music without any additional imagery or narration. This "visual music" DVD provides a highly entertaining experience. Special guest on keyboards, Adam Holzman, an alumnus of Miles Davis and Grover Washington, said "It's fun to watch. The soundtrack is very experimental, but also very effective. Great job!." Adam adds his creative groove to the "VyZ" sound of Charlie Tokarz on sax and flute, Rich Damone on bass, and John Pritchard on drums and synth.

Of course, the music can be better appreciated with the music visualization of G-FORCE keeping the eyes and brain connected to the music in ways that would never happen otherwise. Bass player, Rich Damone, reported, "One student got on his cellphone and started calling all his friends to check out the 'cool' DVD and another said he could sell 500 without blinking an eye." Needless to say, the entire "VyZ-music for movies" band was happy to hear their cinematic music went over so well to the twenty-something crowd of heavy metal fans.

Recommended for all ages, the Star Cycles DVD Soundtrack, and the Star Cycles movie from which it comes, are produced for teachers, parents, librarians, and students by VyZ and the Pritchard School of Digital Arts. The "VyZ-music for movies" band will be touring colleges and high schools to provide concert/clinic events to celebrate the genius of Pythagoras.



New Order of the Ages

Click here to Preview and Purchase



By Irina Rudneva on July 14, 2006