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Take the Ultimate Tour of the Solar System! With this software, you'll be able to do the following: Build planets, create solar systems, and suppor tlife!View the solar system at any time from any point on Earth!Explore all of the planets in our solar system in 3-D!Walk through a Virtual Museum of 3-D planetary galleries!

Originally commissioned by Microsoft for its "Microsoft Home" CD-ROM division.
Publishers: Scientific American Library/Simon & Schuster Interactive/Byron Preiss Multimedia.

Reference / Astronomy
Ratings: 4 stars from PC Entertainment

The Ultimate Tour of the Solar System with
Scientific American Library

Planetary Museum - Experience the solar system through a 3-D gallery of images, movies, and animations with accompanying text from Scientific American Library's book Exploring Planetary Worlds.

Planetary Traveler - Take a trip along the surface of Venus or any other planet in the solar system. Specially created 3-D models of the planets and fly-bys give you the sense that you are flying through the solar system.

Observatory - View the sky at any time and locations and then watch how the planets move across the sky. Locate any consellation by consulting the acclaimed astonomical field guide, Seeing the Solar System.

Solar System Kit - Build your own solar system planet-by-planet and control it's atmosphere. Dr. Donald Goldsmith host of the PBS series The Astonomers, provides commentary and tips on your new worlds.

Review by PC Entertainment Magazine, March 1996

"Hitchhike across the solar system with The Planets, a Scientific American Library release from Simon & Schuster and Byron Priess. This Windows CD-ROM combines more than 60 spectacular videos and animations with the text from the book Exploring Planetary Worlds, by David Morrison, chief of the Space Division at NASA Ames Research Center.

"Best of all, you can build your own planet, create life, and then set the whole thing into orbit in your own solar system. Dr. Donald Goldsmith, host of the PBS series The Astronomers, provides you with tips.

The disc also includes a Planetary Traveler module that lets you view 3-D images of Venus taken by the Magellan satellite, as well as the pictures NASA's Voyager II took of Neptune and Uranus."

John produced:
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The most exciting feature of The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright is the use of interactive animated tours of three famous buildings. The Walking Tours have a little of the mystery and technique of MYST: constrained step-throughs, amazing sequences of eerily uninhabited spaces, accompanied here by live section and plan views. The detail is simplified, and occasionally deviates substantially from published illustrations, but the effect is glorious. This is undoubtedly the next best thing to being there, absent complete video tours.

The most unusual feature of The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright is the dedicated CAD application. It lets you manipulate a library of primitive masses in simultaneous outline, plan, and elevation views, and then apply typical Wright elements to each elevation (steamship windows, flat roofs, French doors, etc.). One cannot work from the inside out in Wright's manner. There is no way directly to model from, or compare your pastiche with, one of the illustrations elsewhere on this CD. Perhaps this mini-application might be a way to ease people into CAD use and develop their three-dimensional sense. This CD does not aim at kiddies, despite the superb graphics, for the text is college level and there are no puzzles, games, or quizzes.

In sum, The Ultimate Frank Lloyd Wright is a beautiful and inexpensive introduction to Wright's work and to critical comment about him. It is well integrated in most respects, and invites exploration. The Walking Tours and CAD program are innovative and helpful to understanding the genesis and effect of Wright's buildings.


Designed interactive kiosk for Sony's new Laser VideoDisc Recorder (1991).
Designed interactive version of Time Warner's Annual Report to fit on a floppy disc (1991).
Designed interactive presentation of Time Warner's profit centers for shareholders to review on CD-ROM (1992).
Designed interactive CD-ROM featuring French photographer, Michel Tcherevcoff, for Canon to hand out to audience during a promotional tour of new digital cameras (1993).