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Melbourne Documentary Film Festival
Melbourne, Australia

Little Hawk Productions presents
a film by John Pritchard & Greg Reeves
featuring Kenneth Little Hawk and Jack Thompson

We Are All Connected. We Are One Human Family.

Written & Directed by John Pritchard
Produced by Kenneth & Beverly Little Hawk
Executive Producer: Greg Reeves
Filmed by Award-winning Cinematographer, Paul Tait,
and Award-winning "Kanyini" Director, Melanie Hogan.

ONE HEART - ONE SPIRIT celebrates indigenous wisdom and promotes respect and equality for all human beings. Join Native American Mi'kmaq/Mohawk performing artist Kenneth Little Hawk as he travels half-way around the world to Australia where he meets legendary movie star, Jack Thompson. In North East Arnhem Land, Jack introduces Little Hawk to the oldest surviving culture on the planet: the 40,000 year old Aboriginal people of the Yolngu nation. At the annual Garma Festival (Garma means "coming together in harmony"), the Yolngu people greet Little Hawk with open arms as if he were a family member. He plays his flute and shares his Native American stories with everyone he meets: Djalu, the Didgeridoo master; Djiniyini, the wise Yolngu elder; Dr. Yunupingu, Garma co-founder, Australian of the Year and Yothu Yindi lead singer; Timmy, the tour guide; Ms. Yunupingu, the artist in mourning; the children; the boys; the grandmothers; the musicians; the dancers; and Galarrwuy, the honorable Yolngu leader and Garma co-founder who is also an Australian of the Year. Visit to see full trailer, download the movie poster and learn all about the movie.


Be Inspired by Native American Storyteller, Kenneth Little Hawk.

• Increase your love and respect for all life
• Share your creative genius and unconditional love
• Tap into your own inner potential and trust your intuition

REAWAKEN - Open Your Heart. Expand Your Mind is an inspirational movie about opening your heart and expanding your mind. American filmmaker, John Pritchard encourages you to tap into your own inner potential by increasing your creativity, intuition, and laughter. The film features Native American storyteller, Kenneth Little Hawk, and five other champions of the human spirit: Grammy Award-winning musician, Fred Lipsius; Writer/Editor, Deborah Brown; Boat builder/Entrepreneur, Gene Carletta; Energy Medicine/Health expert, Susan Stone; and Master Woodworking instructor/Guitarist, Jim Markham.

REAWAKEN promotes optimism, compassion, and hopefulness. The movie is presented in 5 multi-dimensional parts with additional Bonus Footage:


REAWAKEN will not only help you recognize the spiritual genius within you, but also encourage you to be more helpful to your family, friends, co-workers and the world-at-large. Is there anything more important? Open your heart. Expand your mind. Love and laughter connects us all!


"A truly epic undertaking, and inspired result." Perry Vayo - New York

"The film Reawaken has the potential to wake us up---especially to reawaken our faith in our creative genius. Along with quotes from great thinkers, the film gently leads us to expand our minds and recognize our own genius and, thus, love of self. Because love is the soul of genius." M. J. Milne - Vancouver, Canada

"What a beautiful movie... what a gift & what a multi-faceted message of life's MOST important components!" Janie Wilhoit, Georgia

"REAWAKEN, carries a vital message to all of us, and especially in this day and age. Great film!" Asaf Sirkus, London - England

"I LOVE your movie!!!" Brad Szollose - New York

"It appears that the meek shall but inherit the earth...Great film." Hemi J. Rose - Melbourne, Australia

"The movie is great and a great idea to communicate. The soul of genius!" Toby Ballantine - Florida

'Watching Reawaken really made me think. A truly inspirational movie with a positive uplifting message!' Tassos Spiliotopoulos - London, England

"I think this film will help a LOT of people!! It helped me just now! It reminded me about things I needed to hear." Todd Howard - Massachusetts

"Loved it from start to finish." Mary K. Michel - Florida

"This film is a gift to those that are ready for growth or an awakening in life! I will definitely recommend it to all the people I care about and beyond." Danny Concepcion - Missouri

"BRAVO!!! Great film. It's intelligent, thought provoking and pulls on the heartstrings." JoJo LaRiccia - Massachusetts

"A comprehensive piece of work… giving us insight and the chance to reflect on who we are and who we can be." John Gigantelli - New York

"Such a simple yet elegant message.  Laughter, Creativity, Intuition… these are the qualities that make us humans unique, so it is important to dedicate time to focus on them and foster them to their true potential.  I especially enjoyed the nature shots in the Creativity section. The music of course was excellent." Shane Woodall - California

"First of all, I LOVE the title!!  And then to see how you created the segments to connect to people at all different levels, it was all great!! And I LOVE that it's all about LOVE!! I loved the spiritual exercise with the waterfall!!  The photography was stunning, and all the comments from the people were wonderful!" Dianne Kleber - Arizona

"The visuals and directing were flawless. It is good to make the statement that we are one tribe." Martin Kimeldorf - Washington

"This movie is amazing because it helps me understand that we're all connected and that love is the most important gift that GOD wants us to share with each other." Isla Chevalier - Massachusetts

"I was very touched by this presentation and I intend to share it with others. Love is the key and the the way we act and react to it." Luc Chevalier - Massachusetts

"Enlightening. Must See. Positive people talking about positive attitude and how to ‘re-connect’ and focus our attention on the small wonders we take for granted which lead to a much larger enlightenment." Rick Calic - Oregon


"This ambitious and impressive DVD blends academic concepts, imaginative computer animation, and diverse soundscapes into an engaging, cohesive whole." - Anil Prasad, Innerviews

STAR CYCLES - the Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras, is an innovative, educational DVD created to expose students of all ages to the teachings of the Greek Master, Pythagoras, and inspire enthusiasm for Math, Music, Geometry and Astronomy. Featuring animation from the Space Telescope Science Institute, NASA, and The European Space Agency, the DVD includes context-driven, interactive links to a companion website. To facilitate learning and classroom integration, the website provides detailed study guides and essay questions for students to answer and email back to teachers and/or parents. STAR CYCLES is designed as a springboard for learning about both the mathematical and musical nature of the Universe, as well as, the Pythagorean roots of our modern world in democracy, science and art.

Most of us only know about Pythagoras through the Pythagorean Theorem we learned in our middle school geometry class. STAR CYCLES - the Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras, provides a wealth of knowledge across many academic disciplines that Pythagoras introduced over 2500 years ago. The great Greek philosophers, Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, were all deeply influenced by Pythagoras and his teachings, as were the great scientists and artists of the Renaissance, such as, Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, DaVinci, and Michelangelo. Einstein used the Pythagorean theorem in his theory of special relativity.

The STAR CYCLES DVD also incorporates engaging original music that has been synchronized to geometrical animation using the amazing G-Force music visualization software by SoundSpectrum, Inc. and is available as a separate DVD Soundtrack. The original soundtrack features special guest, Adam Holzman, on keyboards who is an alumnus of Miles Davis and Grover Washington. Adam joins the "VyZ-music for movies" band of filmmaking/musicians to produce an outstanding, cinematic, sonic experience.

Recommended for all ages, the STAR CYCLES DVD and STAR CYCLES DVD Soundtrack are produced for teachers, parents, librarians, and students by "VyZ-music for movies" and the Pritchard Digital Arts.



Star Cycles is the quintessential DVD for high school students that really does bring fun back to learning. It is an engaging feast for the eyes, ears and brain. There is clear relevance in studying the Ageless Wisdom from those seekers of Truth and Knowledge who have gone before us and even more so for those who have sought and found. Pythagoras is just such a man who understood and taught all about the diversity and unity of life on Earth and the Cosmos. His vivifying ideas are worthy of the attention the Pritchard School of Digital Arts brings forth in this dynamic and creative DVD for students.

As an educator, the ease of use and logistics of interfacing between the website and the video are a standout feature. The film is broken down into 10 segments or subsections which could each be used as a stand-alone lesson or supplemental to a larger unit. The combination of Movie and interfaced website makes for a powerful learning tool. There are also "Teacher Guides" that provide a solid overview of each part of the DVD with national curriculum guidelines and worksheets to print out for a class.

If you are like me and are always looking for a way to make Math, History, or any of the Sciences come alive in a new and exciting way for your students, you will love Star Cycles. Technology and curricula which assists the classroom teacher to ignite the spark of enthusiasm for learning has never been more in demand. Making the connection from isolated academic subjects such as Biology, History, Astronomy, and Math, to what is relevant to the lives of students and the world around them, is where real education begins. The interfaced website supports the classroom teacher after this connection and ignition has been made with a wealth of information that expands on the topic covered in each section of the film. The student Study Guide section also includes essay questions that can be answered online and emailed to their teacher. I was very impressed by the professional organization and presentation of this innovative, and educational DVD about "timeless wisdom." I have found a kindred soul in Pythagorus as he states "the most important act is the act of learning". - John McComish, Dalton School History Teacher


This video is well put together; I don't teach sciences, but research and share forgotten knowledge and wisdom of the ancients with anyone who is interested; the film is worth seeing, but you'll have to watch it more than once--due to the amount of info; any new-ager, a seeker, an open minded and curious individual will take pleasure in this new dvd. - Irina Rudneva


Star Cycles is a great educational movie that is not your typical "Nova" documentary... it is an artistic film that presents Pythagoras as one of the greatest heroes in history. The original music and geometric animation are syncronized to provide a backdrop for the detailed information presentated in each of 10 segments. While the presentation is perhaps unorthodox, the movie holds up well on repeated viewings that reveal more and more each time it is seen. I was amazed how little I knew about Pythagoras and his contribution to not just mathematics, but more importantly, to the world of music. The octave is a Pythagorean construct that scientifically proves the harmony of the Universe, the music of the spheres.
- by Adam Holzman



The STAR CYCLES DVD Soundtrack was created using G-FORCE by Soundspectrum, Inc. which features geometrical animations synchronized to the music without any additional imagery or narration. This "visual music" DVD provides a highly entertaining experience. Special guest on keyboards, Adam Holzman, an alumnus of Miles Davis and Grover Washington, said "It's fun to watch. The soundtrack is very experimental, but also very effective. Great job!." Adam adds his creative groove to the "VyZ" sound of Charlie Tokarz on sax and flute, Rich Damone on bass, and John Pritchard on drums and synth. Of course, the music can be better appreciated with the music visualization of G-FORCE keeping the eyes and brain connected to the music in ways that would never happen otherwise. Bass player, Rich Damone, reported, "One student got on his cellphone and started calling all his friends to check out the 'cool' DVD and another said he could sell 500 without blinking an eye." Needless to say, the entire "VyZ-music for movies" band was happy to hear their cinematic music went over so well to the twenty-something crowd of heavy metal fans. Recommended for all ages, the Star Cycles DVD Soundtrack, and the Star Cycles movie from which it comes, are produced for teachers, parents, librarians, and students by VyZ and the Pritchard School of Digital Arts.


Star Cycles is a spectacular DVD of visual and sonic improvisations by VyZ that touches the viewer/listener in ways not usually associated with music we typically hear played by the usual suspects. Spontaneous improvisations from these exceptional musicians on the Star Cycles DVD are as artistically creative as any work of genius. The visual entertainment value alone is worth the price of admission, but this experience goes much farther in scope and diversity than first meets the senses. The concept behind the DVD comes from deep in the Musical universe, its Mathematical applications, and the Mystical aspects that stem from the timeless wisdom of Pythagoras (the founding father of Modern music). (And those are just the "M's").

The Musicians:

Charlie Tokarz - flute/saxophonist playing two Saxes at once with multi-layered electric effects has played with musicians such as Ed Mann of the Frank Zappa band, Charles Neville of the Neville Brothers, and guitar master, Larry Coryell.

Rich Damone - bassist using electronic technology and analog tube effects who has played with Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, Dave Liebman, and Kenny Kirkland.

John Pritchard - electro-acoustic drummer who plays midi drums and keyboards simultaneously has played with "Blood, Sweat & Tears" saxophonist, Fred Lipsius; Native American flute player and Grammy award nominee, Ken Littlehawk; and the drummers' drummer, Jack DeJohnette.

Adam Holzman - legendary keyboardist who has played with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Grover Washington, Wallace Roney, and his own band Brave New World whose latest Cd "Jazz Rocket Science" is a Jazz Rock masterpiece!

It's difficult to talk about the music of VyZ on Star Cycles without some knowledge of Pythagoras and his contributions to the science of music. While the complete understanding of Pythagoras is subject to some debate, his musical influence is generally not questioned. Based on mathematics, he discovered and invented many of the musical standards still in use today. VyZ is keenly aware of the importance of the Pythagorean musical Tetraktys and the multi-dimensional meaning of the four levels it represents.

Star Cycles, while appealing to the ear and eye, is much more than a music video. It has an inescapable rhythmic vibe that sounds as good as it feels and a visual experience that's well beyond ordinary. I highly recommend this DVD. It is an intense demonstration of the "...Geometry in the ringing of strings [and the] ...harmony in the spacing of spheres" (Pythagoras 575 - 480 BC)

- Rick Calic,


Join Kenneth Little Hawk on his Native American journey in the tradition of his ancestors. Enjoy these entertaining stories & songs for all ages that teach how to live "In A Good Way."

Long ago, when Nature was respected with sacred reverence, stories were passed on by word of mouth, from heart to heart, from generation to generation, with as many levels as there are in the universe. Many tales told of how the animals danced and sang, and cried and spoke with each other.

Little Hawk's Ancestors made all this come alive in his heart with their storytelling. Through these oral traditions came stories and songs for all ages to entertain, teach, and remind us that we're connected to all other living things and how we can live IN A GOOD WAY.

The message was and is that all life is related and we must exist in harmony with nature and other people-- regardless of who they are or where they came from. This truth must be told to each generation so they, in turn, will teach their children the truth.

Little Hawk credits his Grandparents and the generations who came before him for teaching that much of man's humanity comes through us and not from us. He honors traditional beliefs and, through this recording, welcomes the opportunity of sharing these ways with others.

Little Hawk hopes to leave people with the knowledge that they can make choices to live in harmony with one another and the environment.


These stories should be told in school for children three to eight yrs. old. It teaches them about life's lessons. I highly recommend this product.
- by Pat Runningbear


I met Little Hawk many years ago at my father Chief Black Hawk San Carlo's Powwow. Ken was very distinguished looking and we all enjoyed his flute playing and story telling. I think Little Hawk is a fine performer and Story teller. And everyone should have him at their Pow wow, Tribal functions or Schools. The Kids love him and you will to. This Video is fun filled. A true Native American Story teller & Flute player. Ka Dish day shila aash Ken Little Hawk.
- by Chief Jerry Eaglefeather


I like this DVD a lot, and so do my children. I only wish the running time was longer. I find Kenneth Little Hawk very interesting. He tells stories so good. He should make more storytelling DVD’s. Thank you Kenneth Little Hawk.
- by Hunnybear


Little Hawk is both entertaining and educational. The storytelling aspect is appropriate for elementary students and touches on such topics as diversity, racism, prejudice, ecology, basic morals/principles, life skills, self-discipline and responsibility.

Little Hawk has real presence and an authentic gift of storytelling that's come down through the ages. He engages the listener with varied voices and hand gestures, which he encourages the listeners to try. The classic art of storytelling is kept alive through this interactive use of tactile and auditory stimulation. For example, when describing a bear, Little Hawk shows the hand gestures or symbol for BEAR and changes his voice to create the feel of the character.

Each story can be used as a lesson in advocating the golden rule among students. Each story can also introduce a topic for writing stories (or story telling for the non-writers). The bonus features will appeal to people of all ages. Little Hawk shares himself with the viewer and reminds us all that we should be living in a GOOD way. He teaches lessons of simple and basic truths that are universal.

This creative and beautiful use of multimedia is a success on many levels. Students enjoy movies and this one teaches and entertains. Little Hawk is an honest look at the ancient power of the art of storytelling.

- by Jessica Kruczkowski
Nessacus Regional Middle School Teacher



This Jazz-Rock film, "A Part Apart," features drum legend, Bill Bruford (King Crimson, Yes, Genesis), waxing poetic and playing with his amazing "Earthworks" band in Providence, RI during their 1999 U.S. Tour. The film was never released commercially, but stands out as one of John's favorite film projects in that it was made by a drummer, featuring one of the world's greatest drummers, to inspire other drummers.

"After departing from the 90s sextet reformation of King Crimson, the master drummer reinstated his Earthworks ensemble, this time with an entirely new lineup: saxophonist Patrick Clahar, pianist Steve Hamilton, and bassist Mark Hodgson. Bruford revealed his philosophy to now be that of a single-minded pursuit of jazz, and getting back to basics with an all-acoustic band. Yet, with an acknowledgement of being not like most other jazz drummers out there, with his substantial rock pedigree, Bruford christened their first studio album A Part, and Yet Apart."
- Joe McGlinchey,

Bill Bruford Interview: In the Court of the Percussion King
By Mike Brannon, All About Jazz

A charmed life might be a good way of describing that of Bill Bruford. Always at the center of and driving vastly creative projects, including King Crimson, Yes, Earthworks, Genesis, Bruford, Gong and many other collaborations of like minds, Bruford continues to amaze and astound both audiences and the modern greats of drumming alike. Though at times self-effacing, tacit, enlightening and direct, he is always intriguing and knowledgeable regarding the history of Art Rock and his place in its pantheon.

The envelope of mesmerizing creativity Bill's been involved in to this point in his career easily outscales most others entire lifetime output, and he shows no evidence of slowing down. To have signed their name to the first Earthworks release alone would have allowed most other musicians to die content, but there are 90 other recordings chronicling the brilliance Bill brings to each project.

His latest Earthworks release, "A Part, and yet Apart" promises the continuation of the magic of the first... Read whole interview here.

About Bill Bruford: By the tender age of 27, Bill Bruford's musical character had already been forged in the fiery furnace of four of the biggest progressive rock groups of all time; Yes, King Crimson, Genesis, and UK. By nature a restless innovator uncomfortable with the well-worn path, Bill went on to a fascinating 40-year career as a band leader and writer with his groups Bruford and Earthworks. His taste for the unpredictable in live performance has led him to collaborations with countless of the world's top rock and jazz musicians, in an endless search for the innovative, the unusual, and the unlikely. His work is well documented at Summerfold and Winterfold Records, and in his book Bill Bruford: The Autobiography, published by Jawbone Press. Visit Bill's website at


NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - New Order of the Ages is directed by the improvisational, musical group, "VyZ." It is an innovative documentary that celebrates the genius of inventor, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla could make the impossible, possible. He was the most famous man in the world 100 years ago. Today he is virtually forgotten and yet his legacy is everywhere... every time we turn on a light, start a car, tune in a radio, watch tv or use a computer, it is all thanks to Tesla's inventions or discoveries.

The "VyZ" musical score was the inspiration for the film's 58 minute, non-narrative, experimental structure... hence the "VyZ" slogan: "improVyZed music for movies."

"NOVUS" features the timeless animation of master animator's Ray Harryhousen, Max Fleischer and John Sutherland, as well as, NASA space imagery, Edison movies from the Library of Congress, and ephemeral film footage from the Prelinger Archives. The result is an inspiring, yet controversial, portrait of Tesla as a scientific superman who could not only broadcast non-polluting, wireless electricity, but who also secretly created humanity's greatest invention: the flying saucer. This is not science fiction.

The DVD features several Bonus Tracks with Director's Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and a Special Feature called, "Tesla on Imagination."

While avoiding the cliche of "New World Order" conspiracy theories, "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" serves as a fairytale tribute to Tesla's advanced technology and vision for humanity to create a "New Order of the Ages."


This is an extraordinary piece which combines music, imagery, science, and education in one truly original film. It pays high tribute to the forgotten humanitarian genius of Nicola Tesla whose inventions were stolen and name erased from the history and science books in this country. Much of the information in this DVD was new to me despite the fact that i was well familiar with Tesla's life and work. I recommend the film to teachers, students, and any type of new age folks who care about the future of the world and humanity. Great food for the open mind and excellent tool to boost intellectual and spiritual growth. - by Irina Rudneva

This is a great piece of work by a talented group of individuals. There is no dialog in this film, it is all text with great visual and audio. The film is presented using 50s cartoons, archived video and photos and unique computer animations. Nikola Tesla was a genius way beyond his time, or perhaps, we are the ones who are behind. This film digs into his mind and creations and the possible reasons for absence in history. This man created Alternating Currents, and wireless technologies. Breakthroughs in robotics, remote control, radar, physics and computer sciences would not have been possible with out him. I strongly recommend anyone to watch this fascinating documentary of a genius.
- by Eric Coleman

NOVUS introduces the nearly lost and forgotten genius of Nikola Tesla to a world ripe and ready to move into alternative energy in the 21st century. It presents fascinating info about Tesla and is creatively edited with a variety of animation, photos, and film footage in the public domain. Perhaps the most surprising component is the original music performed by the filmmakers who call themselves, VyZ - short for improvyzed music for movies. This is another unique, educational film produced by filmmaker, John Pritchard, and packs a huge amount of scientific subject matter into an 59 minute film that should be winning awards for its artistic interpretation. Highly recommended for those tired of the documentary status quo. - by Adam Holzman


"UNUM" (E PLURIBUS UNUM - Out of Many One) is a music driven art film by John's band, "VyZ-Music for Movies," consisting of 11 short American movies. It specifically champions the legacy of John F. Kennedy to "Rise Above the Fear" of negative forces in the world and features excerpts from the classic 1961 Kennedy-Nixon Debates. "E PLURIBUS UNUM" also focuses on the origins of industrial and commercial advertising that have shaped the American mind in modern times. Classic commercial advertisements by American institutions such as Coca Cola, Chevrolet, and General Mills are interspersed between the 11 unique (and definitely antique) movies and cartoons from the Film Library of the Prelinger Archives dating between 1906 and 1964.

Below is John's favorite piece in the way that it blends the VyZ soundtrack with the visual image. It features vintage 1906 footage shot from the front of a trolley car on Market Street in San Francisco. See website for more info: "UNUM"



Press Release - Nov. 11, 2003 - The Williamstown Chamber of Commerce unveiled a new video showcasing the northern Berkshires at the Chamber’s annual dinner meeting held at Jiminy Peak last night. The video is now available on the Chamber’s website, Local Williamstown filmmakers, Todd Howard and John Pritchard, produced the video, which was conceived by the Chamber’s marketing committee. The enhancement to the Chamber’s website gives visitors and potential residents a taste of what this beautiful area has to offer. It is designed to attract visitors and entice those wishing to relocate or start a business here. “We are very excited about this inviting, professional video which will help increase our attractive area’s visibility. I applaud the work of the Chamber’s marketing committee and the local filmmakers,” said Amber Braman, the Chamber’s Executive Director.

Part of the Chamber’s mission is to help market and encourage economic growth in the northern Berkshires. A second phase utilizing this video will roll out early next year. The Chamber, along with sponsors, will produce a postcard-sized CD that will play the video on a computer and contain links to area businesses through the Chamber. These disks have a variety of applications – they can be sold at stores as a virtual postcard, included in relocation packets for many area companies, and they can even be tailored to specific businesses. Chamber members will have the opportunity to purchase a number of customized disks with their information at the end of the video.

The Chamber’s marketing committee worked closely with Todd and John. Not only did these filmmakers direct and edit the production, but they also composed an original score for the soundtrack. “We really enjoyed working with the Chamber. Digital video on the web and CD-ROM is a great way to promote local tourism and showcase the Berkshires to the world,” stated John Pritchard.